With Creating Interfaces we aim at improving FWE nexus governance, the local visibility and conscience of nexus inter-linkages by actively involving diverse user and stakeholder groups through multiple stages of research. Our participatory approach builds on the relationships we have already developed in the three case study areas and the multiple user groups that they contain. Using multi-stage engagements ensures that the research, design and development aspects of the work are sensitive to needs and opportunities at all scales. We have developed an overall approach which aims to increase involvement, connection and understanding within and between user groups. This is especially pertinent at the FWE Nexus, where user group boundaries may be fuzzy, evolving or yet to be activated. For each of these user groups there are concrete deliverables providing value and opportunity yet remain open to opportunities to cut across user needs and catalyze engagements between users groups.

The project aims at local knowledge co-creation, and on capacity building for innovative and sustainable nexus governance. Creating Interfaces provides Citizen-Science-Policy interfaces to support decision-making and local policy creation on the FWE-nexus, and bring forth important interdisciplinary knowledge based on rigorous analyses and methodologies integrating local knowledge and local use cases (urban living labs). These outcomes contribute to science and to practice and enable transformative urban governance to promote FWE systems resilience. In addition, recommendations will be formulated for potential users including local government, public authorities, or non-governmental organizations.

The results ultimately stem from the local needs and the co-creation process. They include data and knowledge, methodological advances documented in guidelines and reports, an interactive platform and adapted citizen science tools. All addressed stakeholder groups (citizens, policy makers and planners, research, NGOs and practice actors in the FWE-nexus field) can expect concrete results and impacts for their work.

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