Project Consortium

The project corresponds to the need for methodological developments, fundamental research on reliability, and on questions surrounding justice and integration and includes 11 partners from Europe and North America. Our project “Creating Interfaces” integrates fundamental research as well as applied research and innovation to realize a feedback cycle between science and application, integrating natural and social sciences, humanities, engineering, data management and modelling as well as stakeholders from civil society, administration and policy, and economy. It intents at the same time to close research gaps and to provide transformative knowledge. The consortium includes these perspectives by integrating research institutions, public authorities as well as companies and NGOs.

Funding Agencies

The Creating Interfaces project is funded by the Sustainable Urbanization Global Initiative (SUGI), Urban Europe and the Belmont Forum. The project has revived funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 830254 and the following national funding agencies.