Citizen Science tool

In Creating Interfaces we are developing a citizen science tool for data collection. The tool is based on the open-source framework wq framework. wq is a software framework designed to facilitate the development of robust, offline-capable mobile / web apps. The original use case for wq is mobile data collection, whether by professional staff or by volunteers in e.g. citizen science and mobile crowdsourcing projects.

Our tool is used in all three case studies to gather data local stakeholder knowledge in all three case studies. Local versions in English, Polish and Romanian have been deployed and are currently in use. The tool is developed in an agile way where the requirements, specifications as well as the design of the application were developed in co-creation process. The citizen and local stakeholders (future users) were involved in the whole development process from prototyping to testing.

The tool is currently in use in Slupsk, Poland (GitHub – 52North/slupsk-tool) and Tulcea, Romania (GitHub – 52North/tulcea-tool). The tool for our US ULL in Wilmington is currently in development.

The co-creation design process of the tool. Requirements, specifications and design was realized in a co-creation bottom-up approach with the user (citizen) as a main contribute. The tool is constantly adopted to the changing needs in the different workshops.

Screenshot of the Tulcea, Romania Citizen Science tool for acquiring data about irrigation and water.

Screenshot of the Slupsk, Poland Citizen Science tool for acquiring data about irrigation and water.